Carmichael Greb defends website costs against Ford attack

Eglinton-Lawrence councillor Christin Carmichael Greb has defended her website spending, which was criticized by Etobicoke councillor and former mayor Rob Ford in a press release on Oct. 30.

Carmichael Greb told the Town Crier that creating her website,, was simply one of several one-time costs associated with setting up a new office.

“As a city councillor, the development of a professional constituent website is an important resource to help residents of Ward 16 find information and connect with me,” she said.

Ford accused several colleagues of misspending municipal funds.

“Councillors Carmichael-Greb, Di Ciano, and Berardinetti spent almost $12,000 on their own websites and website content, with Councillor Carmichael-Greb spending more than half of that money,” Ford’s statement read in part.

“These councillors could have easily put together a design contest for students in their Ward and offered a small honourarium to the winner, but instead thousands of taxpayers’ dollars are being spent on straightforward, WordPress-based websites,” he continued.

Carmichael Greb also disputed Ford’s figures.

“The correct cost attributed to the design and development of the website is $4,070.40 — a figure that can be found on the city’s website,” she said.

Ford wrote that he prepared the statement after reviewing a recent quarterly expense report from city hall, and would be submitting a motion requiring councillors to be more transparent about their expenses.

In all, Ford cited what he considered inefficient spending by 10 colleagues, including former deputy mayor Norm Kelly (whom he accused, along with York West councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, of “spending office funds on buying gifts and throwing birthday celebrations for their constituents”) and Mayor John Tory, who he said has spent over $32,000 on outside consultants and $700 for a speechwriter.