Car crashes into Sunnybrook Plaza store

Sink and faucet store damaged by errant car

The sign said York Taps at 660 Eglinton Ave. East was “Open” just before noon hour on Saturday, the day after New Year’s.

But owner Mo Kazem no doubt thought it was a little too open, as he perused his front entrance from inside police tape on the sidewalk.

The entire front of the home decor store was smashed in by a car that had apparently failed to park safely in the Sunnybrook Plaza parking lot.

Police had reported about an hour earlier a vehicle had ploughed into the store window at Bayview and Eglinton avenues. No injuries were reported.

The vehicle, a silver Mitsubishi RVR with a crumpled hood and fender, was sitting out front, partially hoisted by a tow truck.

In addition to the damage to the entrance, as well as to structure and items at the front of the store, fluid from the damaged car had leaked onto the floor.

Kazem said he was waiting to be able to have the front of the store boarded up immediately. He expected repairs to be made quickly to allow the store to re-open within a week.


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Posted: Jan 2 2016 7:38 pm
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