Cedarvale Park to get drinking fountain, for pets’ sake

Virginia Brooks’ first contribution to Cedarvale Park was a memorial bench honouring her dog Bailey two years ago.

When her mother died six months later, Brooks planned on purchasing a second bench in her name, but decided the park’s off-leash area needed a water fountain for dogs more.

“There are hardly any benches in Cedarvale, but if you watch the dog walkers, they’re schlepping up there in the summer with their dog bowls and bottles of water,” Brooks said.

Ward 21 councillor Joe Mihevc loved Brooks’ idea, and promised the city would match any funds donated by the community.

To raise the $5,000 needed to purchase the fountain Brooks visited Cedarvale every weekend throughout December, asking for donations.

By month’s end she’d reached her goal.

Mihevc said he expects the fountain to appear in Cedarvale later this year, noting that “we’ll try to get it done earlier, rather than later.”

Brooks calls the fountain’s construction a credit to her community.

“It was a very worthwhile project, and I’m really pleased with the people who contributed,” she said.

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By: Eric Emin Wood
Posted: Feb 15 2014 10:26 am
Filed in: NEWS
Edition: Toronto