Cheri DiNovo holds Parkdale-High Park

Strong challenge from the Liberals not enough to unseat NDP stalwart

NDP stalwart Cheri DiNovo looks certain to hold onto her Parkdale–High Park riding judging from the early returns.

As of 10:19 DiNovo is polling 45.0 percent of the vote, leading Liberal Courtney Pasternak who has 37.1 percent of the ballots cast. Progressive Conservative Joe Ganetakos is currently in third with 12.7 percent.

DiNovo won the riding during a 2006 byelection and easily retained it in 2007. In May the NDP won back the federal riding which it had lost to Liberal Gerrard Kennedy in 2008.

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By: Town Crier Staff
Posted: Oct 6 2011 5:35 pm
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