Colle’s plan would create ‘Toronto on steroids’

At the planning meeting on “[url=]Eglinton’s Future Look”[/url], Mike Colle said we are planning Eglinton for the next hundred years. Goodness sakes, Mike, where will the people park their hovercraft? Oh, that’s right., Metrolinx has many, many, many consultants working on that.

What planners of inegrity used to say is that a city is a living organism, but what Colle and city planners have in mind for Eglinton amounts, in this living organism, to “Toronto on steroids”. Colle will not be around to deal with the societal “cancers” that will emerge from the abuse of the planning “steroid” called density. Unless, Mike, you bring in a secret transit law to go along with your secret fence law and your secret casino law.

[align=right]Bob Murphy,
Eglinton Avenue E.