Columnist off-centre with election critique

Letter to the editor

Re: Time to ditch first-past-the-post system, May 2011

While criticizing our existing voting system, Greg Hamara makes it clear he wants a government loaded with left-of-centre politicians.

This implies he doesn’t think the majority of Canadians can think for themselves or accept personal responsibility. He also would have Canada run by a bunch of competing special interest groups jockeying for power with varying parties that appear to have power. There would be a plethora of new parties all wanting to get on the government trough.

If you thought you have had enough with three elections in seven years, imagine the strong possibility of having one every two or fewer years.

Ontarians wisely voted against such a system and I believe this dead horse should not be flogged further.

Hamara carefully ignores the many countries that are in constant disarray with his proposed system, along with the countries that wish they didn’t have this method of voting.

Anne Robinson
The Kingsway

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By: Anne Robinson
Posted: May 31 2011 3:48 pm
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Edition: Toronto