Cookbook by and for North Toronto seniors

POINT invites older adults to submit recipes

Many of us have memories of our parents’ or grandparents’ home cooked meals. When we are away from home, we say that is what we miss the most. Food, in general, can bring us together, whether we are cooking for the ones we love, sharing a piece of cake on a friend’s birthday or going out for a romantic meal with a significant other. We associate home-cooked meals with warmth, care and love.

In a society that is increasingly becoming more health conscious, numerous studies state the benefits of cooking for oneself as opposed to eating out.  Through various interactions with community members at POINT (People and Organizations in North Toronto), we constantly hear from people who would like to live healthier lives, but are at a loss of where to start. In later life, cooking for oneself can become an even greater challenge and nuisance for many people.

POINT aims to revive the sense of comfort, warmth and care that was once cherished by compiling a cookbook for seniors that is also written by seniors.

Our intention is to encourage older adults to put as much as care and love into what they are eating now as was done previously.  The cookbook will feature nutritious and easy to make recipes to inspire those new to the kitchen and offer healthy alternatives to more experienced foodies. As part of our New Horizons Grant for Seniors Project 2015–2016, “Seniors’ Culinary Adventures: From City to Country and Back,” POINT is raising awareness about the health benefits of eating fresh and locally grown produce.  This cookbook will continue along that theme by increasing community knowledge of simple and affordable meal options.

If you’re an older adult living in North Toronto and would like a chance to have your recipe published, this opportunity is for you.

To submit a recipe for the cookbook, simply (1) choose your favorite healthy recipe, (2) ensure you have all details for the recipe, including ingredients, measurements and cooking instructions, written clearly (so that they are easy to follow), and (3) send the recipe (with your name) to

The deadline for submissions is Nov. 6.

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Posted: Oct 13 2015 10:16 am
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