Councillor not included in Stintz petition

Don Valley West rep John Parker’s signature was absent from [url=]Karen Stintz’s petition[/url] to call a special council meeting on transit.

Parker, a TTC commissioner, has been vocal about his desire to see the Eglinton LRT run at-grade east of Laird, an area partially in his ward.

But Parker said Monday afternoon he wasn’t approached by the petition’s architects to sign it. He declined to say whether he would have if asked.

Parker said he supports Stintz’s current motion for the special meeting. However, he noted a lot could change on Wednesday.

“I don’t know what we will wind up with at the end of the debate, so there could be an entirely different question that winds up on the floor of council after debate, and it may turn out that is what I vote for,” he said.

Finalizing plans for the Eglinton Crosstown remains his priority, he said.

“The question that has come to us from Metrolinx is ‘what do you want to do with Eglinton?’ And I think that’s the question we need to answer, and we need to answer it sooner rather than later,” he said. “Other questions can be left for another day.”