Councillor offers help to manage development

When councillor Jaye Robinson was elected in 2010, it was on a platform of civic engagement.

She is hoping engaged Ward 25 residents will turn out to a public consultation meeting on Feb. 6 at TFS to help in her quest to establish the Bayview Design Guidelines, a set of development parameters for the stretch of Bayview Avenue between Lawrence Avenue East and Hwy. 401.

“The city’s OMB decisions are really changing the face of our neighbourhoods,” Robinson said ahead of the meeting. “City planners would like to have some kind of planning tool for Bayview that will not only help them in their decision-making, but also shape the neighbourhood as it should be.”

The move, she said, is to avoid issues in light of “significant intensification pressure” in her ward.

Robinson first proposed the study at a public meeting in November, where residents voted overwhelmingly in favour. She submitted a motion that was adopted by council in December.

“It’s really for the residents of Bayview to define what their neighbourhood looks like,” she said. “I know they’d like to preserve what they can, but they’re also realists and … I think the best way to manage this development is to have these guidelines in place.”

Robinson will be joined at the meeting by planner Guy Matthew, who will explain the work being scheduled, its expected timeline and the community’s role in it.

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By: Eric Emin Wood
Posted: Feb 12 2014 10:06 am
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