Councillor seeks ping pong parks

Joe Mihevc wants to bring concrete tables to Forest Hill

Ward 21 Councillor Joe Mihevc wants to challenge Forest Hill residents to a round of table tennis, and is asking them where, among the neighbourhood’s many parks, they would like the game to be.

“If there are table tennis enthusiasts in, say, Tollkeeper’s Park, I’d love to hear from them,” he said. “Or a petition, saying, ‘we’d like a table, and we’ve identified a location.’”

Since 2013 the city has installed outdoor concrete ping-pong tables, which resemble three slabs of concrete balanced on four stone spheres, in parks across Toronto at a cost of approximately $7,000 each.

Now Mihevc would like to bring some tables to Ward 21, but he wants input from residents first.

“They’re enormously popular, and not very expensive at all,” he said. “It’s good exercise, doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and is a wonderful way to hang out with folks, so that’s what’s driving it for me.”

In theory, Mihevc said, there are enough section 37 funds available from recent developments to install a ping-pong table in nearly every park in the ward, but he’s sure some residents will be more enthusiastic about the idea than others.

The noise impact would be minimal, he noted, with visitors unlikely to hear anything from more than 10 feet away.

Those interested in meeting Mihevc’s challenge are encouraged to email or call his office.

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Posted: Sep 9 2015 4:52 pm
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