Councillor settles symphony suit

Willowdale councillor John Filion has settled a [url=]lawsuit[/url] involving a former North York Symphony employee who claimed $50,000 in unpaid wages related to her final years of employment.

While Filion says he was never a member of the symphony’s board, and doesn’t understand why he was named in the suit to begin with, a judge had ordered the councillor and Milos Krajny to pay Linda Rogers $34,336.37 plus $1,150 in costs.

Rogers’ lawyer, James McDonald, confirmed in early February he and Filion’s counsel had reached a settlement.

At its February meeting city council voted to cover Filion’s legal costs and pay any judgment against him as it deemed that he was sued because of his work as a councilor.

One thought on “Councillor settles symphony suit

  • P.Clarke

    Taxpayers once again on the hook for yet another lawsuit against this councillor for apparently his continued failure for the law and not doing his job.

    He was found guilty by the courts for not paying wages and then cuts a deal using taxpayer funds to settle this personal action against him.

    In my opinion it just shows that the old boys nontransparent political system continues to run rampant after the October 25, 2011 municipal elections.

    When if ever will the taxpayers of ward 23 in Willowdale wake up?

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