Davisville church to sell land for new park

Church land to become park
DAVISVILLE’S NEWEST PARK? The plot of land at the front of Manor Road United Church, seen here facing Forman Avenue, is expected to be sold to the city to make a new park.

The Davisville neighbourhood could have a new park — as early as June.

Manor Road United Church, at the corner of Manor Road East and Forman Avenue, has been in talks with the city to acquire the greenspace at the front of its property.

The Mt. Pleasant Road and Davisville Avenue area church intends to sell half its property to the city for a price yet to be determined, which the city in turn will make into a park, said Rev. Debra Schneider.

Rev. Schneider said the decision has been a long time coming, and selling the space had been talked about since she came to the church in 2006. While the church had considered various options over the years, including selling to developers, she said she is “delighted” the church was able to keep the 12,300 sq. ft. property a greenspace.

“We didn’t want the church to be cut off from the community,” she said.

A price is still being negotiated and a deal is being finalized. Once approved, proceeds from the sale will go toward improvements to the church building. That work, expected to take about a year, should get under way by July, Rev. Schneider said.

“It feels like a dream,” she said. “But sometimes dreams come true.”