The disappearance of Lake Leaside

Water-filled construction site finally drained

On July 4 after some local residents called Streeter with concern, we took the above photo of the water-filled construction site.

The hole on Vanderhoof Avenue east of Laird Drive was threatening to become midtown Toronto’s one and only lake.

It was dubbed “Lake Leaside” by some local wags. But others complained it was a danger, as kids or other sightseers could fall into the water.

After an exceedingly rainy summer when we returned to the site in early September, expecting to find even higher water levels, we discovered the body of water had drained away.

The “lake” was drained by the property owners, Ward 26 councillor Jon Burnside said.

He had also received a number of calls in early summer from concerned residents, he said.

But the owners could not empty the lot right away because they had to get permits and pay a fee to drain the water into the city’s sewer system and ultimately into Lake Ontario, he said.

But in the end they succeeded and they drained the so-called lake, leaving only mudflats and reeds. (See photo below.)

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Posted: Sep 12 2017 11:47 am
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