Don Mills fire taxed water pressure

17 fire trucks were called to calm massive Boxing Day blaze in the Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue area

Nearly 100 firefighters along with 17 fire trucks were called to a three-alarm Boxing Day blaze in the Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue area.

The fire began at a home undergoing construction at 60 Larkfield Ave. shortly after 1:30 a.m.

“We had to call Toronto Works Department to increase the water pressure in the main,” fire services spokesperson David Eckerman said. “We were pumping that much water.”

One of the houses next door caught fire as well and neighbours on both sides evacuated their homes. No injuries were reported but the structure where the fire originated sustained about $500,000 in damage.

“We had reports from people on the scene saying the flames were shooting about 30 feet above the structure itself,” Eckerman said.
The damage could have been much worse if it were not for the swift action of firefighters.

“There were propane tanks at the rear of the building involved in the fire,” Eckerman said. “They were removed from the immediate area and were being cooled.”

Officials would not speculate about the cause of the fire but said an investigation is ongoing.

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By: Tristan Carter
Posted: Jan 10 2011 1:28 pm
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