Drivers get that sinking feeling

[attach]7501[/attach]Drivers and TTC riders travelling south on Leaside’s Sutherland Drive during the first week of February were in for a surprise as
they approached Hanna Road.

A sinkhole had closed the intersection, leading the TTC to divert the 88 South Leaside buses.

According to Hector Moreno, the city’s manager of road operations and transportation services, city staff first noticed the sinkhole on Monday, Feb. 3 when the road surrounding a nearby manhole started to cave in.

Toronto Water staff inspected the site, which runs along a sanitary system chamber, and discovered one of the walls had collapsed.

Project manager Antonio Longo said the chamber’s top end is made of brick, while the bottom end is made of concrete and “with
all of the pounding the road takes from the buses and from other traffic, it basically just let go on one side.”

Within the week crews had removed the chamber’s brick portion and replaced it with prefabricated cylinders, then covered the road with new asphalt.

The intersection was open again on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 7.