Earlscourt Park not a dumping ground


Dear Friends:

I am writing to update you on the ongoing union strike with Locals 416 and 79 and the temporary dumpsite located at Earlscourt Park.

As you are aware I have been and remain completely against this strike and the effect it is having on our community. I also remain very concerned with the long-term effects this temporary dumpsite is having on Earlscourt Park, and did not support it being opened in the first place.

Many Ward 17 residents are taking their garbage to the Ingram Transfer Station (50 Ingram Dr., just east of Keele, north of Eglinton) or George Bell Arena (215 Ryding Ave., near St. Clair and Keele). Although it is further away, that is where I am urging residents to take their garbage so that it is not piling up in our park. 

I have requested Toronto Public Health to monitor Earlscourt Park every day for signs of problems, such as liquid called leachate, which leaks from stored garbage bags into the ground. Leachate is a long-term health and environmental risk and Earlscourt Park must be cleaned up to make it safe for our children and residents to use. Another health concern is the presence of rodents and insects. As a result, the chief medical officer of health issued an order for pest control, clean up and standing water management at Earlscourt Park.

The stench of the piled garbage is also a serious issue affecting the livability of the street. These are major concerns to the local community and that is why I have been doing everything possible to convince the administration to close this site altogether. A large petition from the community has already been sent to my office in support of these efforts.

As the existing 19 dumpsites quickly reach capacity the administration is considering opening additional sites.

One site that they have been considering is the hockey rink at the north end of Earlscourt Park. I think this suggestion is outrageous and I will do everything possible to stop the administration from doing this. I will need your support.

I will also continue to advocate for a quick resolution to the strike overall. My staff and I continue to work our regular six-day schedule throughout the strike to help residents with their concerns. Please call my office with any questions and concerns at 416-392-7011.


Cesar Palacio
Councillor, Ward 17 – Davenport