Eglinton construction moving traffic into residential areas

The intersection of Bayview Avenue and Parkhurst Boulevard (Soudan Avenue on the west side of Bayview) that’s been the scene of several accidents has become busier — and maybe more dangerous — thanks to the construction on Eglinton Avenue.

And it’s not just that corner that is suffering the effects of the construction, says Ward 26 councillor Jon Burnside.

“You say Parkhurst-Soudan at Bayview is dangerous?” Burnside says. “What does it do when you add traffic to the rest of the neighbourhood? It makes the rest of the neighbourhood dangerous.”

AFTERMATH: The second car involved in the March 15 accident awaits towing.
AFTERMATH: The second car involved in the March 15 accident awaits towing.

Following a number of collisions at the Parkhurst intersection, the goal of residents and the councillor is to find a solution that best suites the situation and the surrounding community. One thought was to simply put a traffic light there, but Burnside says that won’t resolve all the other related issues.

“The reason we don’t want to put a traffic light in is that [it] would facilitate the use of Parkhurst and Leaside … for traffic trying to avoid Eglinton,” he says.

Burnside’s solution is to make Parkhurst a one-way westbound street, which would cut off east-bound traffic crossing Basyview from Soudan to Parkhurst and also take away the left turn from Bayview onto Parkhurst.

But Burnside says the plan isn’t embraced by everyone because it’s inconvenient for people living on Parkhurst. Some residents have suggested taking away the straight-through option crossing Bayview in both directions, but there are a couple of problems with that plan as well, Burnside says.

“The question is what is the effectiveness of signs? Especially with the lack of police enforcement,” he says. “some people will just disobey them and the people who obey them, the question is where do they go?

“Then you’re pushing  traffic from Parkhurst on to Fleming. And that is kind of a no-no.”

Burnside says solving a problem like this can be tricky.

“There are so many competing interests. It’s very difficult,” he said.

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  • Concerned

    How about timing the lights at both Eglinton & Manor Rd intersections so they are red at the same time, thus presenting a gap for cars going straight through between Parkhurst and Soudan?

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