Eglinton LRT only the beginning

[attach]4449[/attach]With the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT about to begin under Eglinton Avenue, there is a growing consensus that we need to plan for the future design of the street above ground.

We need a plan that reflects the current best practices in transportation design, and meets the needs and expectations of all the communities that will be connected by the Eglinton LRT line.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to plan for and shape what Eglinton Avenue will look like in the foreseeable future.

There needs to be a comprehensive, integrated plan, with significant input from community groups, municipal and provincial governments, in partnership with Metrolinx and the TTC. We need to have this community consultation alongside the $8.2 billion transit investment as this is going to be a defining event for all of us who live and work along Eglinton Avenue.

Planning and revitalization is important not only for the future of the dozens of communities that intersect with Eglinton Avenue, but it is a crucial exercise to address the changes that will occur in the middle of our city from Kennedy Road in the East to Black Creek Drive in the West.

Now’s the time to ensure that the multi-use community mobility hubs are put into place in conjunction with development that is sustainable and in keeping with the character and needs of the existing neighbourhoods.

Over the coming weeks, an initiative called Eglinton 2020 will be holding public forums and local events in cooperation with many community groups to begin the process of gathering thoughts and ideas for what Eglinton Avenue should look like in the year 2020 and beyond. The future of the middle of our great city is at stake. Let’s not miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of where we live and where our grandchildren will live.

Eglinton 2020 seeks input from all stakeholders from Black Creek to Kennedy station, in order to: enhance small businesses and local shopping; create safe and inviting conditions for commuters, pedestrians and cyclists; and ensure that traffic and mobility issues are dealt with in an integrated fashion. Eglinton 2020 will review everything from station design to creating green walls, micro-parks, plug-ins for electric vehicles and other community and individual considerations in an open and public process.

The first Eglinton 2020 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on July 5 at Forest Hill United Church (2 Wembley Rd.). If you would like further information about the Eglinton 2020 initiative, or to RSVP for the meeting, please contact either my community office at 416-781-2395 or Michael Wheeler at [url=][/url]