Election showed the issues Toronto-St. Paul’s cares about

During the election, I explained that I was humbly re-applying for the job that I love. I thank all of you for your support and promise that I will continue to work on behalf of all of the inspiring citizens of Toronto-St. Paul’s.

As always, I am committed to working across party lines and jurisdictions for even stronger communities and an even better Canada.

I believe in the last Parliament, the prime minister demonstrated he understands that good ideas can come from many places, and that government legislation can be made even better by accepting amendments presented at parliamentary committees from other parties or in the Senate. We will continue to work in a collaborative manner and are determined to make this Parliament work.

As many of you know, this riding turns over almost 50 per cent between elections which has made our commitment to a true “democracy between elections” even more important as our brand here in Toronto-St. Paul’s. I look forward to our signature Neighbourhood Checkups, town hall meetings, and the semi-annual Summits when all elected representatives for Toronto-St. Paul’s have the opportunity to hear from the citizens we all serve together.

Elections can be a time of division and sometimes heated conversations …. even at Thanksgiving! Signs go up, sometimes four different colours on one street.

But elections are also a time to come together on the things for which there is an emerging consensus.

Here in Toronto-St. Paul’s, we heard clearly about the need to see real results in dealing with the climate emergency, housing affordability, better transit and support for seniors.

I look forward to hearing from you on your suggestions for Budget 2020.  May we all have 20/20 vision on the future on our communities and our country.

All the best for a healthy and happy 2020.