Emergency repairs close College Street after 25-foot sinkhole appears

A stretch of College Street has been shut down after the collapse of a 148-year-old sewer and the appearance of a 25-foot-deep sinkhole at the St. George Street intersection.

Closed for emergency repairs for up to eight weeks is the street between McCaul Street and Huron Street, as well as parts of Beverley and St. George streets, according to a city news release this morning.

Crews will be working under College, fixing a brick sewer that was built in 1873.

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The sewer collapsed on Friday and created a void or sinkhole about 25 feet deep and up to 20 feet wide under College Street at its intersection with St. George (north of College) and Beverley (south of College), the city said.

First, crews will have to remove the TTC tracks on the street and work their way past myriad underground infrastructure to get to the sewer.

“Crews are working around-the-clock to repair the sewer and have the roadway reinstated as soon and as safely as possible,” the city’s press release said.