Enough with the stop signs

Letter to the editor

Re: Neighbours look to halt stop signs

How can anyone even think of asking for more stop signs?!

We do NOT need any more useless stop signs in Toronto, especially NOT on Sagewood Drive.

Toronto stop sign pollution is already a joke to any visitor from out of town. When my sister came to visit me from Austria she asked how we ever get anywhere in this city when you have to stop at every street corner. Have we never heard of yield signs?

Besides, this constant stopping and starting wastes a lot of fuel.

I live on Harlington Road, a very short street (21 houses) and I am forced to stop as soon as I leave my house by redundant stop signs at both ends of the road.

Franz Schatzdorfer

Harlington Road

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Posted: Jul 13 2011 12:02 pm
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