Etobicoke drivers were most ticketed by ASE cameras last year

Drivers in Etobicoke Centre ward racked up the highest number of tickets issued by automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras over five months last year, according to figures released today.

Especially bad were drivers who passed the ASE device on the ward’s Renforth Drive. They drew 5,404 speeding tickets, accounting for more than 10 per cent of all tickets issued by ASE devices in Toronto.

The city announced 53,090 tickets were issued from July 6 to Nov. 30 in the first round of ASE cameras, placed mainly near schools, two per ward. The 50 locations averaged about 1,062 tickets each over the five months. The devices were moved to 50 new locations beginning in November.

The second-worst drivers, as judged by ASE tickets issued, were on Caledonia Road in Davenport ward — with 4,267 infractions.

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Judging by city’s figures from the first locations, the best drivers are arguably found in Toronto Centre. Only 10 and 13 speeders, respectively, were caught at the ward’s two ASE locations.

East end cameras (in Toronto-Danforth and Beaches-East York wards) also recorded numbers well above the city average, though much lower than in the leading Etobicoke and Davenport locations.

ASE devices on central and midtown Toronto streets on average reported lower numbers than devices in suburban areas.


Downward trend

The numbers reported today also showed  a steady decline in speeding tickets issued over the five-month period, indicating the program has been successful in reducing speeding, city officials argued.

“Once again the data proves that the City’s Automated Speed Enforcement program can positively impact driver behaviour, evident in the reduction in speeding incidents and repeat offenders where the speed cameras are placed,” Mayor John Tory said. “I’m glad to see this downward trend in the number of tickets issued and hope this will continue to be the case at all future locations.”

Here are the figures for the first round of ASE cameras in the wards covered by Streeter, ranked from worst to best:

  • Caledonia Road north of Rogers Road (Davenport): 4,267
  • Gateway Boulevard near 10 Gateway Boulevard (Don Valley East): 3,273
  • Chatham Avenue east of Jones Avenue (Toronto-Danforth): 1,634
  • Barrington Avenue north of Secord Avenue (Beaches-East York): 1,547
  • Ridge Hill Drive west of Old Park Road (Eglinton-Lawrence): 1,469
  • Main Street south of Swanwick Avenue (Beaches-East York): 1,294
  • Gladstone Avenue south of Cross Street (Davenport): 1,271
  • Ranleigh Avenue east of Yonge Street (Don Valley West): 874
  • Bessborough Drive north of Field Avenue (Don Valley West): 817
  • Huron Street south of Bernard Avenue (University-Rosedale): 658
  • Corona Street south of Claver Avenue (Eglinton-Lawrence): 622
  • Brownlow Avenue south of Eglinton Avenue East (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 413
  • Lippincott Street south of Vankoughnet Street (University-Rosedale): 135
  • Morse Street south of Queen Street East (Toronto-Danforth): 118
  • Atlas Avenue south of Ava Road (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 116
  • Ness Drive north of York Mills Road (Don Valley East): 32
  • Spruce Street near Gifford Street (Toronto Centre): 13
  • Prospect Street east of Ontario Street (Toronto Centre): 10