Experience a big plus says candidate

[attach]2273[/attach]Ward 32 councillor candidate Neil Sinclair says he has four perspectives that he brings to the table in his bid for a seat in municipal office.

“I’ve been in business, I’ve been in executive management, I’ve been in education and I am a lawyer,” he said. “So that gives me quite a broad spectrum, which makes me a little different from the rest of the pack.”

This experience, he says, has helped him decide what his first move would be if elected. Sinclair plans to get to know all members of council as well as the mayor and other city workers, because he believes it would be a great help in achieving cohesion on council.

“We’re not thinking things through, we’re not implementing well as a city,” he said. “The biggest perspective that’s needed is the perspective of the city as a whole and then your neighbourhood and community as part of that whole.”

While attaining a cohesion on council may be one goal as councillors, Sinclair says it’s other shortcomings on the city’s part that led him to run for council.

“Our city is so badly mismanaged, and it has been for quite a bit of time,” he said. “Eventually you have to look at your kids and look at the neighbourhood and say, ‘either I’m going to do something about it, or I’m going to complain.’

“I was at a stage in my life and my career where I could offer myself as a servant of the people,” he added. “And I think I can make a difference right now.”