Find a surpise in Yorkville

[size=7][color=DarkRed]I[/color]t’s Christmas Eve and your doorbell rings. It’s your friendly neighbour — who you totally forgot about — and they have something for you. You have no time to think, but you have to give them something. It happens.

Luckily, with some help from Rowley Ocampo, owner of Rolo (an acronym for Realm of Ludicrous Objects) gift store in Yorkville, you won’t have to reach for the nearest bottle of wine or your mother-in-law’s fur coat this time around.

Ocampo has all sorts of knick knacks and specialty gifts geared toward just about any kind of person, which will prevent you from giving a simple “you shouldn’t have”.

[attach]3169[/attach]Here are five helpful suggestions to keep on hand for those off-the-cuff, ‘What-do-I-do-what-do-I-do’ gift-giving moments – and all for under $20.

[color=DarkOrange]1[/color] [color=DarkRed]Drinks on the go[/color]

This is also bound to impress any surprise gifter at the door. Ocampo even said he keeps some handy at home in case of this very incident. The Vapur water bottles, which come in six colours, are bendable, foldable, and even freezable and can be used for hot and cold liquids alike. It also comes with a handy clip so you can attach it to your bag when you’re out or on the road. $12.95

[attach]3170[/attach][color=DarkOrange]2[/color] [color=DarkRed]Wine time[/color]

She lives on your street and she’s the life of the party — and that’s because she hosts them all. While she might be stopping by with a bottle of wine, you can hit her right back with the wine bottle opener and wine saver. The opener transforms from a mini bottle into a corkscrew, while the saver is good for both re-corking and pouring an already open bottle. The pair is great for the hostess or wine aficionado. Opener $10.95, Saver $6.95

[color=DarkOrange]3[/color] [color=DarkRed]Virtual graffiti[/color]

No matter who comes by with a surprise gift, these notebooks are sure to impress. Perfect for coffee tables or bookshelves, the Walls notebook or Skywriting journal contain double-page spread images of either blank walls or skies. The idea is the person uses the book to write things on the walls or in the skies, and make the messages become one with the panoramas featured in the notebooks. $19.95 each

[attach]3173[/attach][color=DarkOrange]4[/color] [color=DarkRed]Cubicle keepsake[/color]

Okay so you’re back at work from the break for the holidays and the guy on the other side of the office has crept into your cubicle with a surprise. This is where the Daily Mood comes in handy. It’s a flipbook, featuring 47 different facial expressions each reflecting a unique mood (and with a description on the back). It’s not only fun and office-safe, but also serves as a good conversation starter for passersbys. $9.95

[color=DarkOrange]5[/color] [color=DarkRed]Bear-y treat[/color]

Of all the people on your street, how on earth did the paperboy remember you? Well, don’t worry — the giant gummy bear on a stick will not only delight him, but will also probably have his siblings and even his parents feeling like they’re missing out. This is no regular gummy bear. It’s 10 centimetres tall (excluding the stick) and weighs 230 grams. $18.95