Fire being investigated as arson

An arson investigation is ongoing after a fire destroyed a Forest Hill home in May.

The blaze erupted from 545 St. Clements Ave. and caused a large amount of damage to the houses on both sides.

The police were able to obtain a security video from a nearby house that has helped their investigation.

“The footage has shown that shortly before the fire actually ignited, there were two males that are seen running from the premises along the side of the house,” said Det. Murray Barnes from 53 Division.

No one was injured during the blaze. The home was under construction at the time by the homeowner, a contractor. It was about 70 percent complete before the fire burned it into the ground.

Barnes has confirmed that the fire is being treated as arson. But there are currently no suspects.

“Unfortunately the video is not of good quality and doesn’t show the identity,” he said.

The two families who lived on both sides have sought temporary residence because of the extent of the damage.

Teresina Glanton, who lives just across the street, said that she hopes the police find out whoever did it because they have not only committed a crime, but also put two families out of their homes.

While another neighbour, Al Katz, was also concerned about the two families, he said he just wants to know what the motive was.

“That is a life disrupted,” he said as he looked at the destruction.