Five ways to forget the election

Tired of hearing about the elections? Randy Rovinski gives you some ideas to help rid your mind of campaign promises, political pundits and ballot boxes

Forget the gravy train…

If Ford’s slogan on endless repeat has provoked an aversion to railway vehicles, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train (above) is just what the doctor prescribes.

In 1999, CP and the national food sharing program paired up in this initiative to combat hunger. The CP Holiday Train serves as a means of raising awareness for the cause and collecting food and money for food banks.

Not only will you be given piece of mind for your good deed (perhaps much needed just before the holidays?), you’ll be instantly rewarded by a barrage of light and sound that’ll have the most stoic of people twitching with pleasure. The train is outfitted with a fire hazard’s worth of Christmas lights and a boxcar stage for performing musicians at each stop.

The train rolls into Toronto on Mon., Nov. 29 at 7p.m. 87 Ethel Ave., next to Runnymede Park.

Let’s be classy

For those of you who have been driven to drink, at least do it in style. And maybe an accompanying meal will help prevent an embarrassing eventuality.

The annual Gourmet Food & Wine Expo will be taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Nov. 18-21. With over 1,500 wines, spirits and beers available to choose from, it’s a great opportunity to buff up your repertoire of alcoholic references for dates and dinner parties.

With wines from across the globe and tutored tastings, the expo may be one of the most fun and concurrently educational events happening in November. Whether you’re a veteran oenophile or gourmand, a novice with a taste for adventure, or need a few hours of adult time with a significant other (19+ event, no children permitted), the expo is sure to satisfy your needs.

General admission is $16. See Food and Wine Expo’s website for tickets and details.

If you want a more intimate food and drink setting, Culinarium on Mount Pleasant offers perfect pairing tastings where instructors walk you through their matches and show you how to pour, serve and savour. Each evening is dedicated to an Ontario cheese and its perfect pair. Next up: Bubbles and Brie on Dec. 1. Registration and course fee required. Visit Culinarium online for more information.

A creative outlet

While peering into political candidates’ craniums yielded less than fascinating findings, Toronto will get a chance to look into a truly imaginative mind on Nov. 26. Tiff Bell Lightbox will be hosting the Tim Burton Exhibition and Retrospective organized by New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Burton is best known for his creative and frequently dark depictions of fantastic worlds and characters in his many films. He has, however, been a prolific visual artist as will be demonstrated in the upcoming exhibition. A collection of paintings, drawings, costumes, storyboards and other works are intended to give a more complete picture of Burton’s more expansive vision.

Creep yourself out with Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands or catch a few glimpses into Burton’s lesser known works. Film screenings, art, and props will give a good overview of his work and progress.

Opens Nov. 26. Tickets on sale at the Tim Burton Exhibition online.

A breath of fresh air

Wander through a flooded quarry, trek through wooded trails, visit a native plant garden, and keep an eye out for wildlife aficionados crouching in the bushes counting insect species. Situated off Bayview just south of Pottery Road, Evergreen Brick Works and its surrounding Don Valley Brick Works Park are oases in the midst of the city.

The park is a peaceful enclave where you can calm your post-election nerves and the facility has a number of scheduled events and activities to choose from. Stretch and meditate at a yoga class or shop for fresh local produce on Saturdays at the farmer’s market.

All the while know that you’re supporting a green, sustainable, community initiative. In fact, it was even highlighted by National Geographic as one of 10 global geotourism sites to visit Evergreen Brick Works website.[/url]

Explosive endings

The seemingly endless race is over and it’s at times been colourful and at other times been downright dirty. It may even be out of your mind by now, but why not enjoy a distraction from whatever it is that ails you with one of the most classically simple and entertaining spectacles ever to provoke “oohs” and “ahhs” ­— fireworks.

On Nov. 27, Nathan Phillips Square will host Toronto’s 44th annual Cavalcade of Lights. It’ll be a sensory overload – in a good way – of light and sound with the lighting of Toronto’s official Christmas tree, live music and…fireworks!

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