Ford follies fail to deliver

[attach]3745[/attach]The Little Book of Rob Ford, House of Anansi, paperback $8.99.

Reviewer’s dream: A book one can finish reading in 10 minutes.

Reviewer’s nightmare: A book one can think of nothing to say about.

Okay, just the facts. The Little Book of Rob Ford is 140 pages of quotes from Rob Ford, mostly one or two sentences per page, plus 10 comments about Rob Ford from critics and fans.

Half-clever idea. Not quite Mao’s Little Red Book, but rather a collection of redneck quotes from our mayor about stopping the gravy train, hating street cars and praising Orientals (his term).

A sprinkling of red-faced statements too, such as when he was caught with a marijuana joint or busted for drunk driving — nothing you haven’t heard already if you live in Toronto.

The only interesting statement I found was his claim that he’s a social liberal.

But it’s only a sentence with no explanation, so I’m puzzled as to what he means by that. Unless it’s the drinking and apparent dope-smoking.

Okay for a laugh.

Would have been a good joke stocking-stuffer for our city centre anti-Fordites if it had come out a couple of months ago.

Tellingly, no one wants to take credit for inflicting this book on the Toronto public. The author listed on the title page is “The Unknown Torontonian.”