Ford's appointees no surprise

[attach]3019[/attach]Rob Ford finally announced his picks for city council committee chairs this afternoon and there were no surprises among the names put forth.

Nominated are Ward 16 councillor Karen Stintz as TTC chair, Ward 34’s Denzil Minnan-Wong as chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure committee, Ward 17’s Cesar Palacio as chair of the Licensing and Standards committee, Ward 5’s Peter Milczyn as chair of the Planning and Growth Management committee, former Etobicoke mayor and Ward 3 councillor Doug Holyday as Deputy mayor, Ward 39’s Mike Del Grande as Budget chief, former York mayor and Ward 11 councillor Frances Nunziata as Speaker, Ward 26’s John Parker as Deputy Speaker, Ward 43’s Paul Ainslie as chair of the Government Management committee,Ward 40’s Norm Kelly as chair of the Parks and Environment committee, Ward 7’s Giorgio Mammoliti as chair of the Community Development and Recreation committee and Ward 37’s Michael Thompson as chair of the Economic Development committee.

Ford also named Ward 24’s David Shiner, Ward 25’s Jaye Robinson and Ward 35’s Michelle Berardinetti and Del Grande as at large members of the powerful executive committee who will serve along with the chairs of the standing committees.

All of Ford’s council committee and chair appointments will go to city council when it meets Dec. 7 and 8 for final approval.