Ford’s found guilty

[attach]6563[/attach]Rob Ford is mayor no more.

Well, in 14 days.

In his ruling Justice Charles Hackland found that Ford had breached the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and removed him from office.

However, Hackland decided not to bar Ford from running again for mayor and suspended the implementation of his ruling for 14 days to give the city time to adjust to his decision.

City council now must decide what to do with the vacant mayor’s chair. It can decided to appoint a replacement or hold a byelection in which Ford could fight to retain the mayor’s chair.

The charge stems from a 2010 incident from when Ford was a city councillor and voted on a motion to reopen discussion of a Integrity Commissioner’s report that found Ford should repay $3,150 he received for his football foundation from lobbyists and those who regularly do business with the city.

The [url=]court action[/url] seeking Ford’s removal was launched by Paul Magder and assisted by activist Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler.

Ford was elected mayor in 2010 with over 47 percent of the popular vote, 11.5 percent more than his nearest rival George Smitherman.

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  • gordon

    Glad I won’t have to pay for a new election and all the other crap involved, the real loser are the rate payers. Looking Good Toronto

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