Free advertising in Streeter for our local businesses

News site offers complimentary ads to businesses and services hit by pandemic

Streeter is offering free advertising to support businesses and services in our communities hit hard by the growing health and economic crisis.

As of March 23, the community news site is accepting, without charge, advertising from businesses and services that are operating safely in the areas it covers.

This includes business that are running with reduced hours or other restrictions, shops that have closed their storefront locations in favour of online-only services, and enterprises that have stopped working but are taking orders for the future.

It is also includes businesses that may have been forced to shut down temporarily but want to assure their local customers they are lining up great products and services for when they are able to re-open.

The ads will be complimentary for as long as Streeter can manage it, publisher Eric McMillan says.

This move is not entirely altruistic for the publication. “We stand to suffer from the coronavirus scare and the economic downturn as much as the local small businesses do,” McMillan says. “Our entire communities do. We need each other.”

Many local businesses, whether they can stay open for now or not, cannot survive several months of low or no business during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then face the even greater danger of collapsing economies after the health crisis peaks.

“Free local advertising is not alone going to keep them in business, but we hope— along with whatever government and other community organizations can do — it will help,” McMillan says.

Local businesses and services interested in this offer can submit their free ads or information at the “Submit a free local ad to Streeter” page.

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Posted: Mar 23 2020 9:30 am