George Makhniashvili found safe

Giorgi (George) Makhniashvili, whose younger sister Miriam captured national attention after her mysterious disappearance, has safely returned home earlier today after being reported missing Nov. 1.

The 17 year old walked into Toronto Police Service’s 53 Division at about 5:15 a.m. on Nov. 2.

George and Miriam’s father Vakhtang said his son ran away as a result of a feud they had over George’s ambition to become a musician.

Vakhtang said his son’s departure was very out of character, but that it may have been a result of his missing sister.

“He was having some kind of issue,” he said. “(For a) few weeks we noticed that he was silent. We discovered that he was having some kind of stress which he endured because Miriam went missing. So everything together, it made it hard.”

Vakhtang said that his son took his guitar and rode his bike to Vaughan, a community north of Toronto. He returned early Tuesday when he realized that he was reported missing.

George’s sister Mariam was 17 when she [url=]went missing[/url] on Sept. 14, 2009 after walking with her brother to school at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. The siblings entered the school through different doors. After more than a year since she vanished, her [url=]whereabouts still remain unknown[/url].