Giambrone won't resign as TTC chair

[attach]1214[/attach]Councillor Adam Giambrone says he has no immediate plans to resign as commissioner of the TTC and that he will stay on in the role at least until the summer.

“Just before the election really heats up … September, October, maybe partly the summer, there will come a time when it’s appropriate for me to step down and I’ll make that announcement then,” Giambrone said. “But until that point I’ve got some problems to solve … and I have an obligation to fulfill my commitments.”

Giambrone formally announced yesterday that he is running to be mayor of Toronto.

The same day, several media reports quoted mayoral candidate front-runner George Smitherman calling on Giambrone to resign as chairman of the TTC in the eight and a half month run-up to the election.

Giambrone also said he will serve out the remainder of his term as the councillor for Ward 18 Davenport.