Giambrone's out

Mayoral hopeful calls it quits

Adam Giambrone’s out.

At a hastily called press conference Giambrone apologized for his indiscretions with Kristen Lucas but did not directly announce his departure from the mayor’s race. However, a few minutes after Giambrone refused to answer questions about the affair and his political future, an aide made the announcement: “His mayoralty campaign ends today.”

Giambrone has publicly admitted to the Toronto Star he had an “inappropriate relationship” with Lucas while maintaining a committed relationship with his live-in partner Sarah McQuarrie.

This morning is the first time he has made a public appearance to address the issue and he used the opportunity to apologize to many people in his life.

“There are weeks that change your life and this one has certainly changed mine. This whole experience has taught me, I hope permanently, that a career of integrity can not survive (indiscretions) in your private life,” said a visibly shaken Giambrone.

“For the hurt I have caused my partner Sarah, my family, friends and supporters. To them I respectfully in front of you, heavily apologize,” he said in a short statement in front of a packed press conference in a committee room at city hall.

“I want to apologize to the my fellow councillors for the negative attention I have brought them and to this chamber. I want to apologize also to communities across this city, to the young people who believed in me,” said the 32-year-old. “It is my sincere hope that they continue to believe in themselves and their ability to make positive change.

“Finally, I deep apologize to my partner Sarah for the pain she has endured for my mistakes. She has shown a lot of strength in all of this. Thank you.”

Mayor David Miller released a written statement following the announcement calling Giambrone’s decision to leave the race regrettable.

“His voice and the vision he could have brought to this important campaign will be missed,” wrote Miller. “But his decision to focus on his private life and his current duties is understandable.”

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By: Kris Scheuer
Posted: Feb 10 2010 2:07 pm
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