Gord Perks cruises in Ward 14

[attach]2635[/attach]In a relatively uncontested race, incumbent Gord Perks has been re-elected in Ward 14.

Residents in Parkdale-High Park gave Perks a strong vote of confidence as he received 8,542 votes, with Ryan Hobson finishing a distance second with only 2,798 votes. This win is a far cry from the last election where Perks squeaked by with 30 percent of the vote against Rowena Santos who received 24 percent.

“I was relieved to find out I won because my daughters are doing their exams right now,” Perks quipped at his victory celebration at the Inter Steer Tavern in Roncesvalles Village. “And I know they would have flubbed them if I’d lost.”

Perks has a long history of environmental activism with organizations such as Greenpeace Canada and the Toronto Environmental Alliance, where he helped bring composting and the pesticide bylaw to Toronto. Perks also used to write the environmental column for Eye Weekly and host the show “Earth Matters” on City TV.

“I’m really happy that this community supports my ideas,” he said.

[attach]2636[/attach]For his part Hobson was proud of his efforts.

“I think … we’d did as much as we could,” he said on election night. ” I think we gave him a bit of a scare. They were worried about the number of signs. I think he knows he can’t take people here for granted. I hope that we all see a lot more of him”