Heat back on in Flemingdon building

Work crews have restored heat at a St. Dennis Drive apartment complex that had to be evacuated after firefighters discovered yesterday the building had been without power for over 24 hours.

According to a city statement sent at 4:40 p.m. today, heat was restored to 31-35 St. Dennis Dr., near Eglinton and Don Mills.

Firefighters responding to a burst sprinkler pipe in the garage discovered the complex had been without heat and power for hours.

Residents of the 400 unit complex were voluntarily evacuated, and the city set up a temporary reception centre at the nearby Dennis R. Timbrell Community Centre, where meals and shelter were provided.

Today, the landlord told city officials the heat and electrical systems will require repairs that will continue over the next few days, so heat and electrical systems may have to be powered down at points.

The Toronto Fire Service inspected the site and reports the fire safety systems are working. The reception centre will remain open tonight and into the morning Saturday, Jan. 22.