Holy crepe, this place gets it right

HOLD THE HOLLANDAISE: Eggs Benedict crepe made with Bechamel is featured at Crepe Studio Bistro.
HOLD THE HOLLANDAISE: Eggs Benedict crepe made with Bechamel is featured at Crepe Studio Bistro.

I begin this review by admitting my bias: I love real crêpes.

Dinner_With_Liz_columnI particularly love crêpes that are light and airy, and overstuffed with interesting fillings.

And such is what I find at Crepe Studio Bistro. Just four months old, the restaurant, led by sisters Olga and Ala, seems to be making an impact on this strip of Yonge St.

My two guests and I sit down on a busy Sunday and find ourselves eagerly eyeing crêpes around us. They all look huge. I watch Olga expertly spread batter onto the grill with a small wooden crêpe trowel. It’s a paper-thin layer and the result looks as light as a feather.

From a menu with plenty of options, my first guest chooses Crepes Benedict, with bacon, eggs and Bechamel rather than Hollandaise sauce ($10.50). It arrives with a generous serving of salad. He likes his eggs firm. The eggs are perfect, the bacon crisp, and the Bechamel smooth. There’s a layer of mozzarella cheese to add another layer to the flavour profile. I really like this variation on the classic Benedict on an English muffin. It’s not as heavy.

My second guest goes zesty. Hola Mexicana is stuffed with a choice of meat (beef, chicken or pork), onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and salsa. A small tub of guacamole and a generous portion of salad accompanies this ($12.25). “There are so many flavours here, every mouthful has something new,” she says. “The crêpe is so light, I mostly get lovely filling.”

My own choice takes zesty to a new level. The Caribbean features jerk chicken topped with pepper, onions and a spicy habanero mango sauce ($11.25). After the first few mouthfuls, my tongue settles in to enjoy the spice and the blend of flavours. This is delicious but not for the faint of palate.

I ask for the gluten-free crêpe ($1.25 extra). It’s made with buckwheat flour, like traditional Breton galettes. I like the nutty texture of buckwheat. And what a treat for those with gluten issues to enjoy crêpes.

Everything is homemade from Olga’s recipes: the guacamole and fresh salsas, mango sauce, jerk seasoning, Bechamel, and even the smoked salmon. The vibe is friendly, with Olga’s daughter, Maryna, serving.

Two of us cannot finish our meals, delectable as they are.

This is sad as I really wanted to try a dessert crêpe. Maybe the Elvis? It’s filled with peanut butter, bananas and pieces of chocolate, and is obviously a good reason to return. This spot definitely gets thumbs up.

Crepe Studio Bistro, 2721 Yonge St. 416-902-2994.