Hopes for veggies and friendship to grow in community garden

Residents in apartment buildings near Oriole Park will soon be able to get outside and do some gardening.

City council voted unanimously in April to release $47,000 in Section 37 funds stemming from a development on Merton Street in order to plant a community garden in Oriole Park. According to local councillor Josh Matlow, who got the ball rolling last fall via his website, the garden will serve as “an opportunity to educate children and others.”

“It’s a place for seniors, and it’s a place for tenants who may not have a front or back yard,” he said.

The garden will consist of several beds featuring a variety of vegetation. While the exact number of beds and what types of plants will be planted in them have yet to be decided, Matlow says he expects the building and planting of the garden to begin this spring.

Matlow says he is hoping that once residents get their hands in the soil and the seeds are planted more than just the vegetation will flourish.

“I put a lot of focus on projects in our local community that really build community and create common places,” he said. “I think this is an example where people in the neighbourhood who have never met each other before can build relationships and build a community based on their love of gardening.”

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Posted: May 12 2014 10:08 pm
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