How much do billboards cost in Ward 32?

[attach]2444[/attach]Another twist is coming out of an already exciting Ward 32 race, as accusations are being made that candidate [url=]Mary-Margaret McMahon[/url] may have exceeded the campaign spending limit.

Earlier today, incumbent councillor [url=]Sandra Bussin[/url] tweeted a link to [url=]a blog[/url] that suggests a large billboard advertisement on Woodbine Avenue could put McMahon’s books over budget.

McMahon wholly denies that she has exceeded the spending limit, saying campaign fundraising paid for the billboard.

“That’s coming out of our fundraising campaign expenses and it will all be public knowledge,” she said. “We raised our money from people in the community … and I’d be interested in knowing who has these accusations.”

Campaign spending limits are $5,000 plus 50 cents for each eligible voter in the ward. McMahon says that makes her budget somewhere around $36,700.

The blog also made the suggestion that McMahon is connected to Rob Ford by showing a picture of one of her lawn signs sharing a space with a Ford for Mayor sign. As well, a press release from candidate [url=]Bruce Baker[/url] this morning makes similar statements, claiming that McMahon is not a ‘Left/Green/NDP/Liberal’ candidate, but is a conservative.

“The recent endorsement of John Tory … tells a different story,” it says. “Not only that, but, Mary’s father was a trooper on John Tory’s campaign. In addition, Mary-Margaret’s campaign manager is Allan Williams, a former Conservative Queens Park staffer.”

McMahon says she is not aligned with Rob Ford or any other mayoral candidate, and says the suggestion based on lawn signs has little to do with the candidates.

“We’ve seen Sandra Bussin’s sign on lawns with Rob Ford as well. I also have signs on lawns with Sandra Bussin, with Joe Pantalone, and with George Smitherman,” she said. “It’s primarily the homeowners’ prerogative.”