Howard's end

[attach]2160[/attach]It’s official. Veteran Councillor Howard Moscoe is withdrawing from the Ward 15 race.

“It’s true,” he told the Town Crier this afternoon. “I decided a few weeks ago.”

“It’s not that I don’t love the job,” said Moscoe. “I’ve been in public office for 31 years.”

Moscoe has represented at least some section of Eglinton-Lawrence’s Ward 15 that entire time.

Currently there are six candidates (Moscoe, [url=]Rob Davis[/url], [url=]Ron Singer[/url], [url=]William Reitsma[/url], Giuseppe Pede and [url=]Josh Colle[/url]) registered in Ward 15. Moscoe said that he will be formally withdrawing Sept. 1.

There had been [url=]rumors[/url] for months that Moscoe was planning on dropping out of the race before the election, but he insisted that he would be a candidate this fall.

While his name won’t be on the ballot Moscoe is still looking at having a say in who his replacement will be, officially endorsing Colle.

“He’s intelligent, thoughtful and caring.” said Moscoe. “I care deeply about Ward 15 and they deserve someone of that caliber rather than some yahoo.”

Colle, who is the son of Eglinton-Lawrence MPP Mike Colle, was pleased with the endorsement.

“I thank him for the endorsement,” Colle said. “The day before I was endorsed by (former mayor) Mel Lastman. I was joking with someone that they rarely agree.

“I commend anyone who commits that many years to public service, but saying that I will call for term limits of two to three consecutive terms.”

This was always going to be a hard fought race, Colle said, whether Moscoe was running or not.

Rob Davis, for one, was disappointed that he wouldn’t get the opportunity to face Moscoe at the polls.

“I think elections are a good time to hold people to account. I wish he’d run,” said candidate Rob Davis.

The former school board trustee also shrugged off Moscoe’s immediate endorsement of Colle.

“Some people might call it the kiss of death,” said Davis. “I just think that endorsements don’t matter. What really matters is people want someone who’s going to represent their interests,” said Davis.

Candidate Ron Singer, who has previously run in the ward, said without an incumbent running, he expects the Ward 15 candidacy list to burgeon before registration ends Sept. 10. However, he doesn’t think this will hinder his chances of winning.

“People know me,” he said. “I thought my chances were good all along.”

Colle, Singer and Davis all commended Moscoe on his many years of public service.

With files from Joshua Freeman and Karolyn Coorsh