Human remains link to murder-suicide still possible

Contrary to reports that a fetus found near the scene of a grisly murder suicide was unconnected to the two deaths, police say the investigation is still open.

The fetus was discovered two days after recently married couple Robert Giblin, 43, and Precious Charbonneau, 33, were found dead after falling from their 21st-floor balcony near Bathurst Street and St. Clair Avenue West on Dec. 20.

Police said Giblin stabbed Charbonneau several times before she was pushed from the balcony. The fall was ruled the cause of death for both. Charbonneau was also nine weeks pregnant at the time, police said.

Days later, it was reported police had ruled the remains found were not connected to the homicide. However Const. Victor Kwong said in late December that had not been determined.

Police have yet to receive results of testing from the coroner’s office, and until they do, the investigation remains open, Kwong said.

“We can’t unequivocally (rule the connection out) until we actually get scientists to say so,” he said. “Right now, the investigation is still ongoing.”