Identities of men sought in alleged chimney repair fraud

Homeowners in Playter Estates have complained a group of men took cash payment for chimney repairs that left their rooftops more damaged.

suspects in chimney repairs fraud
AT THE DOOR: Police have released these images of men soliciting chimney repair work in the Playter Estates area.

Police are seeking the identities of the men after responding on Dec. 2 to a radio call for fraud in the area of Ellerbeck and Butternut streets.

They were told that on Nov. 15 at 3:05 p.m. a group of men knocked on doors of houses in the area, advising residents they needed work done to their chimneys, a police news release said yesterday.

Images have been released of several men police are calling “suspects for identification” standing at the front doors of houses near the Ellerbeck and Butternut intersection.

The men reportedly advised owners they worked with a local home repair business but would not provide a paper quote, business card or receipt.

They also demanded cash payment, police said.

Multiple men appeared to work on the chimneys but homeowners found they ended up causing more damage than before.

Investigators are seeking the public’s help in identifying the men. Anyone who receives this type of solicitation is urged to contact police.

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