It's in the bag for re-elected Goodman

There was no chance for any candidate to challenge Howard Goodman, as he was re-elected as a Public school trustee for the Eglinton-Lawrence community.

Goodman won by a landslide taking 76.84 percent of the votes over is closes competitor, John Vassal who received 13.62 percent.

He served as the Toronto District School Board Ward 8 trustee since 2003 and he will continue his work for another term. In his previous term, he re-opened Bathurst Heights and helped the participation of North Toronto Soccer club with the arrangement of more accessible fields for more games and to create student unity within the schools.

Goodman spent most of his career focusing on the development of schools and the students, where he served five years on the Board of the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, including a couple of years as Vice-Chair.

He continues his reign as Ward 8 trustee for the TDSB with more plans to improve student participation and development.