Jane Pitfield won't rest on her laurels

The Ward 29 race was Mary Fragedakis's to win, but some people don't give up on their dreams

After a second election loss in four years, Jane Pitfield said she’s transitioning back to her other love — writing books.

The former councillor and 2006 mayoral candidate was runner-up as Mary Fragedakis claimed the Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth seat on election night.

But don’t feel sorry for Pitfield, she’s got a lot on her plate.

She’s written two books: Leaside and Blazing the Trail in the Pontiac.

Now she’ll begin research on a third book about the history of East York, a project she’s been working on since before the municipal election campaign.

“My commitment to write the history of East York book will continue. I have already reached out to schools. Next week I will start research on that book,” she said on Nov. 10.

She calls it a community project as she’ll be working with students interviewing old time East Yorkers and she’ll compile archives on the former borough.

Pitfield, who was councillor just north in Ward 26 from 1997 to 2006, also has plans to sit on a number of boards: East York Historical Society and local business associations and continue advocacy work on constituents’ behalf.

“My passion for the city is just as strong if not stronger by getting back in touch with municipal work.”

By many accounts, Pitfield was considered the frontrunner in the open race for Ward 29.

“I think a lot of people thought I would win so there may have been some complacency there by voters,” she said. “There’s a strong NDP representation in Ward 29 whereas in Ward 26 it’s more Conservatives and Liberals.”

Seeking back into municipal politics after an unsuccessful mayoral bid in 2006, Pitfield said she chose Ward 29 because of her experience in the community, but her old stomping ground in Don Valley West — where incumbent John Parker was re-elected — was not an option, she said.

“I felt I should not contest my replacement in (Ward 26).”

She has repeatedly said her interest lies municipal politics, but she left the door open a crack for a possible stab at another level of government.

“I am not ruling anything out. Time will tell,” Pitfield said.

And will she run in the 2014 city election?

“That’s four years from now. I live one day at a time.”

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By: Kris Scheuer
Posted: Nov 17 2010 3:20 pm
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