Keep 18-hole golf course at Dentonia Park, committee says

A city committee is urging the existing 18 holes at the par-3 Dentonia Park Golf Course be maintained.

The recommendation came Jan. 11 after city staff reported golfers and local residents would be better served by a nine-hole course at the course near Victoria Park and Danforth Avenues.

This would allow improved practice facilities at the course and more access to the Taylor Massey Creek trail ravine, staff told the infrastructure and environment committee.

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Some east-end residents have also been pressing the city to reduce golfing at Dentonia Park to complete the trail through the ravine, currently blocked by the golf course, and create more multi-use green space.

Walk Toronto was one of more than 45 individuals and organizations submitting letters and emails to support changing the golf course.

“Making it a nine-hole course instead of 18 holes and turning part of this green space into a public park creates the opportunity to meet the goals Walk Toronto has set out,” wrote Dylan Reid on behalf of the  pedestrian advocacy group. “We trust that the public parkland would be used to extend the Taylor-Massey Creek trail and connect it to the Warden Woods trail.”

Dentonia Park Golf Course
The Dentonia Park Golf Course creates a break in the trail that some would like to see continued across parkland.

Other writers proposed that part of the space be given over to residents to grow their own food.

However, the committee sided with deputations from others, including local councillors, to keep the 18 holes while looking into ways of increasing access to the ravine trail.

‘Gateway into sports’

Many speakers argued for the preservation of the city’s golf courses and of Dentonia Park, in particular, as one of the few affordable and easily accessed courses available to Toronto golfers. The course lies right beside the Victoria Park Station.

Councillor Brad Bradford, whose Beaches-East York ward borders the golf course, was among the deputations supporting 18 holes.

“We can’t afford to cut Dentonia Park Golf Course in half,” he said in an earlier tweet. “Affordable and next to transit, it’s a gateway into sport for locals and TO.”

The committee’s recommendations are to be considered by council Feb. 2.