Lawrence Park residents turn up noses at news of nearby mini-dump opening tomorrow

A new temporary dump site opening at Otter Creek Centre tomorrow morning is hitting a little too close to home for nearby resident Carlos Soto.

“My son is only eight months old, I don’t want him near so many germs. This is crazy,” said Soto, who is shocked the previous sites in his North Toronto neighbourhood are already filled to capacity.

The city of Toronto announced today the drop-off sites at Caledonia Park and North Toronto Memorial Arena will be shut down by 7 p.m. this evening.

Replacing those two mini-dumps are Amesbury Arena’s parking lot near Hwy. 401 and Keele St., and the tennis courts at Otter Creek, located on Cheritan Ave. in Lawrence Park.

Both will open at 7 a.m. tomorrow.


But Soto said he still wishes the dumps could be moved elsewhere.

“I can’t believe they’re opening them up right around the corner,” he said. “I take my son to play near the arena and now the place is going to stink to high heaven.”

Nearby resident Zepherine Pysadee agreed, but added he feels more helpless as the strike wears on.

“Why can’t they just end it?” he said.

But Pysadee said he’ll sit tight and wait for the labour disruption to end.

“It’s really uncomfortable, but what can we do?” he said. “This is government.”