Let's focus on the issues, not mischief

I have just read the article about Chris Sellors’ campaign office. (“[url=]Hopeful under fire for rent cost[/url]”, September 2010).

I’m disappointed in an article that seems more like mischief-making by another candidate than the sound, balanced reporting I expect from the Town Crier.

The building where Sellors’ office is located is almost completely empty and falling apart because it is slated for redevelopment.

All the established tenants left long ago and have been replaced by month-to-month tenants. No business would ever spend a penny on the leasehold improvements necessary to open a store in this space, which means that a comparison of prices between this space and normal commercial rents on Yonge Street is absolutely meaningless. This space is subject to the oldest rule of real estate. It is impossible to attach a set value to a property because it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, which in the case of this particular space would be very little.

There is also mention in the article of a possible conflict of interest since the site is slated for redevelopment. I realize Sellors probably worked on this site in his capacity as the current councillor’s assistant.

I would agree that this could be an issue, and is one I would normally be concerned about, but I’m not sure it’s very meaningful in this case.

My understanding is that the building meets all the conditions for Main Streets development under the new Official Plan.

If this is the case then there’s no re-zoning or up-zoning, and it should receive automatic approval.

I’m hoping for some substantial coverage that focuses on important election issues, since there are lots of those, and I look forward to seeing it.

Yours truly,

Michael Visser
Colin Avenue