Little known about Linton Park shooting that killed one, wounded another

Little information is available about a shooting that left one man dead and another seriously injured yesterday evening. Even the exact location of the incident near Leonard Linton Park appears to be unknown.

Police tweets, starting at 8:05 p.m., said callers reported multiple gunshots with people screaming and fleeing near “Vanderhoof Ave & Research Rd” — two streets running parallel in east Leaside and converging east of Linton Park.

Two male victims of gunshot wounds were found, police said. Paramedics rushed one victim with life-threatening injuries to hospital where he died, police reported on Twitter two hours later.

The second victim had serious injuries and was also taken to hospital, according to police.

Early media reports placed the incident in Linton Park where police were said to have  cordoned off an area near the skateboarding facility on the south side of the park by Research Road.

However, later reports stated police did not know where the injuries occurred or where the gunshots came from.

“We have no information to add to what was said in the tweets,” said media relations officer Const. Edward Parks this morning.

Homicide investigation

No police could be seen guarding any part of the area at 9 a.m. this morning. Only media were camped out on Research Road but they too seemed uncertain exactly where the shooting had occurred.

Discarded police tape could be found on the ground beside the skateboarding facility. It is not known whether the tape is recent or had been left from previous usage.

Police tape in Linton Park
POLICE TAPE spotted on the ground beside skateboard park near Research Road.

The police homicide unit has taken over the investigation and are seeking witnesses or people with dashcam or security video footage.

“If they have any information, they should call 416-808-2222,” Const. Parks said.


Note: This story has since been updated with more information from the police.

Linton Park sign
LINTON PARK as seen from Vanderhoof Avenue.