Maurice Cody students feel the Love

Earlier this year, the call went out from Mary Siegner to the children of Maurice Cody P.S., and that call was answered.

Siegner, a teacher/librarian at the school, wanted to raise money for Project Love, a charitable organization that sends school supplies to underprivileged children in third world countries. The organization is set up so that Canadian children put together kits of educational supplies, and then ship them to destinations in Ghana, a small west African country, at a cost of just $2 a kit. The kits consist of a Ziploc bag, into which the students place rulers pencils notebooks and erasers. Many of the classes also added stickers, crayons, Canadian flags, pictures drawn by the Canadian students, and letters written to the children of Ghana.

Supplies were distributed to Maurice Cody students by the student council, which also took on the task of informing everyone involved what was going on.

Siegner also reached out to the greater community. In a letter sent home with children, it was clearly outlined that if $1,000 was raised, Colin Strange, Maurice Cody’s gym teacher would shave his head. Furthermore, the letter went on to say, that if $2,500 was raised, Ms. Siegner herself would get her head shaved.

The call had been made, and excitedly the students went home, canvassing relatives, neighbors, and friends. From all classes, the money came flowing in, and sure enough, less than two weeks later, the tally kept outside the library clearly showed, that the goal had not only been reached, it had been surpassed. Maurice Cody students raised an astounding $2,680 for Project Love. Of special note, was a Grade 4 class, taught by Joanne Bee, which single-handedly raised, $244 for Project Love, setting the record as the highest earning class.

Shortly thereafter, an assembly was called, and dutifully, amid cheers from the students in attendance, Ms. Siegner and Mr. Strange were brought out on stage, and had their heads shaved in front of the appreciative audience. Sandy Colyn, who is a member of the community and an involved parent, performed the shaving.

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By: Jamie McLeod
Posted: May 15 2003 3:00 am
Filed in: NEWS
Edition: Toronto