Meet the Ward 21 hopefuls

Still undecided about who to vote for? Here are your candidates

Still undecided about who to vote for in Ward 21? Here are your candidates:

Marius Frederick

Passionate about his ward, the GO Transit driver wants to maintain or increase Toronto’s police budget in response to the crime rate he sees in the ward’s neighbourhoods. Frederick cites a lack of timely snow removal as a major problem in Ward 21. He is also proposing independent financial audits in order to ensure stronger fiscal responsibility.

Alex Freedman

Computer programmer Freedman is looking to ensure maximization of tax dollars. He says this can help to improve all city services for the public. He also wants Toronto to build a fiber optic network so more internet providers can join the market, potentially increasing internet speed by 5–10 times, while costing less than current rates.

Beth McLellan
Beth McLellan says she’d like see the millions the city hands out in grants put into expanding sustainable energy. She’s a proponent of making EMS, TTC and garbage collection essential services. McLellan said she’d like to see additional revenues and a Toronto Lotto with prizes such as Metropasses used to pay down the city’s debt.

McLellan worked as a teacher at the elementary and high school levels as well as an engineer associate for Bell Canada.

Joe Mihevc

The incumbent wants to construct the Eglinton light rail line. His environmental platform includes bicycling initiatives and renewal of city parks, and he aims to make Toronto a city for all, by having it more inclusive to all levels of income. He is also urging more fiscal responsibility and ensuring city services are of better quality.

Peter Nolan

A TTC driver, Nolan is looking at making his current employment an essential service. He is also promising to do away with the vehicle registration tax and wants to reduce the councillors’ annual office budget from its current $53,100 down to $30,000.
Nolan would also like to make some changes to Toronto’s 311 in order to enhance its services.

Shimmy Posen

Posen is aiming to fix what he calls a “broken” city hall. One of his main objectives is the transit system, which he hopes will get underground and in subway form instead of above ground as an LRT, particularly on Eglinton.

Posen is also planning a city project charter, in order to keep taxpayers safe from cost overruns on construction or delays.

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