Midnight Cookie delivers a sweet new late-night snack

Midnight Cookie, Toronto’s first late-night cookie delivery business, recently opened at 3 Manor Rd. E.,  just east of Yonge Street, south of Eglinton Avenue, and it’s already a hit in the neighbourhood.

Co-owners Alon Steinbach and Emily Banks, a dynamic young couple in their 20s, have worked hard to make their business a success and their passion for what they do is obvious.

Midnight Cookie is open until as late as 2 to 3 am. Cookies come in a variety of flavours, and everything is made to order to ensure customers are always treated to fresh, delicious cookies.

Cookies can be made in 10 to 12 minutes so there is no need to think too far ahead before ordering. They do also offer grab-and-go options, so there is always a tray of cookies available for walk-in customers.

And to wash their cookies down, Midnight Cookie also sells regular, chocolate and strawberry milk.

Idea came with late-night munchies

The couple’s story began when they met in Israel in January 2019. Banks, a Toronto native, was there on business. During COVID, all of her friends in Israel left, and as she had no family there, she decided to return to Toronto. However, she and Steinbach wanted to stay together, so after continuing their relationship long distance for a while, Steinbach moved here as well.

Banks recalls that when they were up late at night, wanting to order food, they didn’t see a lot of options in the way of late-night snacks.

“To me, there’s nothing better than a hot cookie out of the oven,” Banks says.

They set out to make what they feel is the ultimate cookie in their own kitchen — soft and chewy on the inside with thin, crispy edges, not overly stuffed and with an emphasis on the perfect dough.

Once they perfected it and set up an Instagram account to highlight their products, as well as an app and user-friendly website, it was not long before people began to take notice.


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At first, “if we only got a couple of orders a night, we were excited,” Banks says.

After then briefly working out of the back of a shared kitchen in Leaside and happily watching their business grow, she and Steinbach eventually decided they needed a commercial space.

Because they had had such a great response from midtown and felt part of the community, they wanted to open their first brick and mortar store in the area.

Banks and Steinbachsay they  are very grateful for the tremendous customer support they have received since opening the bright, spotlessly clean Manor Road location.

“We’ve only had these opportunities because of our customers that have supported us,” Banks says. “Even if someone spends one dollar with us, I’m very appreciative and I never take it for granted.”

Inside Midnight Cookie
ALL ABOUT COOKIES: Their menu is growing but Midnight Cookie is sticking to its main product. (Alexei Malakhov/Streeter)

They’re planning to expand their products in the future to include vegan and gluten free options, as well as ice cream sandwiches and frozen take-home dough for people who want to bake the cookies themselves at home.

But, Banks says,  “We’re Midnight Cookie and we’re going to stay as a cookie store.”

When asked how they are able to compete with other bakeries who offer more than only cookies, she replies, “It’s our service —  the luxury of getting to come here and being able to watch us bake for you. I don’t think you can get that experience anywhere else.”

To order some mouth-watering, freshly baked cookies from Midnight Cookie, call 647-348-9852.

Or find out more at their website.


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    That sounds like a dream come true for those of us that love a good cookie at anytime day or night. Great Article! My mouth is watering as I respond to your email. The cookies look so so good.

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